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Black leather Purestar sneakers. Art is the underlying concept of Purestar sneakers. Gold-tone logo stamp at outer side. Foam rubber midsole in off-white featuring graphics printed in black and yellow, smudging, and logo embossed at heel. Super-Star sneakers with glittery star and shearling inserts. Exclusive Golden Goose Sneakers finishes and combinations of innovative materials update our Super-Stars, rendering them truly unique.

Round toe. Tonal lace-up closure. Tonal signature star leather applique at outer sides. Gold-tone logo stamp at outer side. These Mid-Star sneakers feature a camouflage weave. The Golden star is made of metallic silver and the laces are logoed. Sequinned heel tab in black. Text embossed in red at heel.

Perforated detailing at sides. Signature leather star applique in silver-tone at outer side. Padded collar. Leopard graphic pattern at calf-hair heel tab. Eyelets at sides. Signature suede graphic applique Golden Goose Yeah in grey at outer sides. Logo printed in black at blue heel tab. Suede heel counter in black.

I feel like people either love or hate Golden Goose sneakers, and I happen to be obsessed! They're definitely a little pricey, especially for a sneaker, but I wear them way more than I wear any other shoe. Sooo the price per wear justifies it for me.

Round toe. Lace-up closure in reflective silver-tone. Text embossed in green at heel counter. Rubber midsole in beige. Perforated detailing at sides. Signature leather star applique in white at outer side. Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo founded Golden Goose in 2000, and the Venetian design duo has been turning out luxe creations ever since. Golden Goose began focusing on producing sneakers in 2007, and the brand's distressed Superstars have become a cult favorite.

Golden Goose founders Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo describe the Superstar sneakers as being an "emotional product that is authentic and never artificial." They look as though they've already lived a good life, full of adventure, and encourage you to do more of Golden Goose the same. You can wear them anywhere, in any social situation. 


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