Can you Laminate Fabric in a Laminating Machine?

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When you think of fabric, laminate is probably not what springs to mind.

Some examples of laminate fabrics are oilcloths, vinyl, chalkboard fabrics, and some types of faux leathers.

These items are really great to have around the house but can be pricy to purchase. Instead, why not make them yourself?

Can you laminate fabric in a laminating machine?

Not all fabric can be laminated in a machine, but many can be and you can do it yourself! Any material that has a plastic-like coating is a laminate fabric. However, you will not be able to sew fabrics that were laminated together using a laminator machine.

Laminate fabrics can be great for projects that you intend to use that might get a little messy, like makeup bags, baby bibs, placemats, etc.

Can You Even Laminate Fabric?

If you can’t find the pattern or fabric that you are looking for that is already a laminate fabric, you can rest easy.

Making your own laminate fabric is possible!

We’ve listed a few tips and tricks to get you started on this journey:

Laminator Machine:

It is not suggested that you put your fabric through a laminator machine for most uses.

The only reason you would put the fabric through a laminator machine is if you were making items such as placemats. Once you laminate fabric with a laminator machine, you can no longer sew it into anything else.

Before you put your fabric through the laminator machine, you will want to make sure that you starch your fabric before you put it through the laminating machine.

Otherwise, you might get wrinkles and issues when you laminate it.

Iron on Laminate:

The most common option for creating lamination fabric is to use iron-on vinyl.

Unlike using a laminator, using iron-on vinyl will allow you to make a laminated fabric that you can still work with and sew into other projects.

To use iron-on vinyl and turn your fabric into a laminate you will:

Cut a piece of your iron-on vinyl to fit the piece of fabric you are working with.

Some examples of laminated PE films for your fabric include vinyl, PVP acrylic, and silicone. There are many potential applications for laminated fabric.

These applications include:

Wind disposable coverall


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